October 24, 2013

October 19, 2013

October 17, 2013

space ship post

Dinosaurs in space.. now in color!

October 15, 2013

Theme #2 - Steampunk

Yes this one took much longer than 15 minutes but I was having so much fun. "Your move, creep".
Blue col-erase pencil and Copic markers.

Rockstar post ...... #2

I really wanted to do a sketch of Iggy Pop as well for the Rockstar theme so ...... Rockstar sketch number two! Blue col-erase pencil and Copic markers.

Really late Rockstar post

Really, really late Rockstar sketch. The ultimate Rock Star!!!! Blue col-erase pencil and Copic markers.

October 11, 2013

October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013

Octopus snack


My sketch of Simon Belmont! Man how i played the hell out of those games :D

October 4, 2013

Steam Punk

My late entry for the Steam Punk week: Sir Topham Hatt's humble beginnings. (Ballpoint pen on paper with some Google+ filters)

October 3, 2013

wacom acting weird?

Turn off the problem services and stop your tablet from glitching.
Cant wait to try this.


Spotted this link on tara donovans fb anim page